Contact Lens Risks & Tips

“Contact lenses are a luxury and glasses are a necessity” -Dr. Charnell

Healthy Contact Lens Wearer’s Eye 


Inflamed Contact Lens Wearer’s Eye


“Listen to your eyes, if they hurt, then take your contacts off. They are not supposed to hurt” -Dr. Charnell

Contact lenses are very convenient, especially athletes and dancers. Although they are available for everyday wear and some are designed to sleep with, they come with a big responsibility. There are many contact lens related complications that may lead to blindness. 

“Follow your doctors prescribe schedule”– Dr. Charnell

Here are some Tips to avoid Risks

  • Have a back up pair of glasses. (Have a pair to change to when you get home to avoid over extending your contact lens wear schedule, and in case of sickness or allergies.)
  • Check expiration dates on contact lens solutions. (If contact lens solution irritate your eyes change the product and call our doctors office.)
  • Change contact lens cases every three months.
  • Do Not clean your contacts or contact lens case with water or saliva (Water  & saliva contains bacteria and will contaminate your contacts and may lead to infections.)
  • No Swimming or showering with contacts (Water contains bacteria and will contaminate your contacts and may lead to infections.)
  • No sleeping with contacts, unless the doctor has prescribed your a schedule and a contact lens with which you can do so. (Remember your eyes may dry up and the contact can easily scratch your cornea and may lead to serious complications.)
  • Do not wear non prescribed contact lenses, such as fashionable ones, unless the doctor has prescribed them to you. It is illegal in the U.S. to sell contact lenses without a prescription. (Remember that not everyone can wear contact lenses based on their eyes, these are made with various curvatures, materials and sizes, therefore wearing non-prescribe contacts may cause eye complications).
  • Replace your contacts based on the schedule assigned to you by the doctor. (Over extending the wear of your contacts can lead to them ripping in your eye, bacteria growth, infections etc.)
  • Wash your hands and keep your nails short and clean. (If long, make sure there are clean and buff to prevent rips)
  • Use hypo-allergenic makeup and avoid glitter and metallic eye shadow, replace eye make up every three months. (Do not share eye anything, including makeup to avoid bacteria).
  • Wear sunglasses along with your contacts. (Not all contacts have UV protection and those that do only protect your pupil not your entire eye which can lead to cancer and cataracts.)
  • Do not use eye drops unless prescribed by the doctor and for contact lenses. 
  • Do not wear your contacts if your eyes feel irritated, have allergies or are sick. (Your eyes swell when irritated which causes the contact to wrap around your eye, and your will be more susceptible for an infection.)
  • Get your annual eye exam, even if you still have contact lens boxes left over or your prescription has not changed. Contact lens exams must be done every year. In most places if you haven’t opened the left over boxes they may exchange them for you.(The eye is the only organ that doctors can see easily without surgery and detect any abnormalities with your health, including diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure etc. An eye exam can change your life. )

“If you value your vision, take care of your eyes” -N.S.


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