Donate Your Glasses & Change Someone’s Life

In the United States today, glasses are not just a necessity, they are also a fashion statement. It’s part of the wearer’s personality. At the same time, eye glass wearers change their look every year, specially if their insurance covers it. It is great to have a back up pair of glasses, but for those that do not need it, it would be greatly appreciated to donate it to the Lions International Club Recycle For Sight Program. Here at Lake Howell Eye, we have a box designated for these donations to support the Lions Club.

Help us start this holiday season by giving the gift of sight!

“These donations help people of all ages, cultures and countries. As a volunteer for the Bolivia I Am Second Expedition, I had the opportunity to measure, adjust and give away glasses from the Lions Club to the Bolivian people. These people appreciated the glasses whether they knew how to read or not, since most where indigenous and needed them for the crafts they sold for a living.” -N.S.



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