Networking & Community Outreach with Heart to Heart’s Charity Car Raffle Fundraiser

LHEA's Outreach Coordinator & Ellen Parcell Heart to Heart's President/Chief Executive Officer

Natalia Sepúlveda LHEA’s Outreach Coordinator & Ellen Parcell Heart to Heart’s President/Chief Executive Officer

Throughout our Lake Howell Eye Associates participation in the Networking events with the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce we have had the honor to meet Ellen Parcell, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Heart to Heart. She is a passionate business lady, who cares greatly about the community. She strives to make Central Florida a better home for the homeless women and children through fundraisers and community outreach. Heart to Heart is a local non-profit organization that focuses on providing homes to women and children in Central Florida. Their fundraiser consists of a Mercedez-Benz CLA-Class charity car raffle. Our office at Lake Howell Eye Associates is participating in the selling of their charity raffle tickets. The tickets are $100 a piece with only 1400 printed.They started the holiday season with the drawing, which takes place tonight! So be sure to buy your last minute tickets and be on the look out for the lucky winner of this great cause! They will have various future fundraiser events and volunteer opportunities in benefit of the homeless.


“Heart to Heart is helping to break the cycle of poverty in Central Florida.”

Ellen Parcell

Ellen Parcell


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