The Importance of a Comprehensive Eye Exam for a Child’s Scholastic Success

Eye exams are not ONLY necessary when you have blurry vision or your eyes hurt. EVERYONE should have an annual exam, even children and toddlers. In most cases children cannot tell the difference of good vision versus blurred vision, since they cannot compare. There are a lot of eye problems and diseases that can be fixed and or avoided at an early age. There are some like a lazy eye for example, that need to be taken care of immediately. A child’s vision changes constantly and if it is not corrected in a timely manner it can definitely affect their development and performance.

Our office at Lake Howell Eye Associates specializes in providing the most thorough exams for all ages including children and toddlers. We have the latest technology to perform eye health examination, retinal exam and other testings. Our office has a boutique style environment with comfortable waiting area for our patients with complementary refreshments. We pride ourselves for our professionalism and our passion to better the lives of our patients by providing quality eye exams and eye-wear.

Update your child’s look for the holidays with our variety of quality frames and sunglasses! The gift of vision is like no other, our eyes help us function everyday.

Our children eye-wear selection includes: Nike, Juicy Couture, Arnette, Ray bans, Oakley, Op, Disney, Kate Spade, Coach and many more!


thDon’t forget to use your flexible spending before the year is over!


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