New Year Resolution: Get a NEW LOOK with Crizal Anti-Reflective lenses!

A pair of glasses is more than just an object that aids your vision. Glasses are part of who you are, part of your personality. In this technological booming world we are surrounded by screens of computers, TVs, tablets, iPads, iPods, cellphones, laptops, computers and so on. All of these contain screens that contain glare reflections that affect the eyes. CRIZAL lenses are the most updated featuring anti reflection, UV protection with 25 ESPF, smudge resistant, scratch resistant, dust and water repellent. Therefore, the less you have to clean your lenses the less scratches you will have. These lenses are perfect for all ages and all types of glasses. They are great for indoor, outdoor, day and night activities. These are cosmetically the most popular type of lenses, recommended by our eye doctors at Lake Howell Eye Associates.


Vision at night and its features with cosmetic look.




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